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The most striking benefits of meditation are found in reports from ‘Pit Burial’ studies. Highly regarded Yogis of India have performed superhuman feats.

These feats have been recorded and scientifically monitored. One such feat is to be buried alive for one or more days.A classical case in exhibition of this power is that of Saint Haridas of 19th century.

The book ‘Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines’ narrate the incident. Saint Haridas was buried for four months and afterwards disinterred living, under the careful supervision of the Maharaja of Lahore, Ranjit singh and Sir Claude Wade, the British General. Over the gave of the saint, who lay therein in a chest sealed by the Maharaja with the royal seal, barley-seed was sown and grew up in a place enclosed by a wall and guarded incessantly by armed sentinels. On the date of the interment the Yogi’s face had been shaven clean and when he was disinterred after the expiry of four months, his face was as smooth as on the day of his burial.

In 1986 Army Research Institute commissioned a review of the literature on meditation by Brener and Connally of the University of Hull in England.

Brener and Connally concluded that reported feats of endurance such as pit burials are likely to be due to the effect of meditation or deep relaxation on metabolism. A lowered metabolism may allow for survival under conditions of restricted oxygen availability. Effects on metabolism can be produced by controlling respiration in the manner practiced by yogis.

Rising up and floating in air known as levitation is one of the powers that a Yogi practicing Pranayama (control of breath) is said to acquire.

In a paper read at the International Psychical Congress held in Paris in 1927, Professor Von Schrenck Notzing, Professor of Psychology, University of Munich, described the case of a young man, who demonstrated this power of levitation acquired through yogic practice of breath control no less than 27 times!

More and more scientific experiments are being carried out to find out the benefits of Yoga.

Continuous practice of Meditation bestows mind power. It has been proved by yogis that the power acquired thus could lift them up both mentally and physically!


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