Bright aura


The idea of a human aura, a radiating luminous cloud surrounding the body is an ancient one. Medieval saints and mystics distinguished four different types of aura ; the Nimbus, the Halo, the Aureola and the Glory.

The first two stream from the head; the Aureola from the whole body, the Glory is a combination of two.

The major important experimental investigations into the subject were conducted by Dr. Walter John Kilner of the St Thomas Hospital of London. In 1908, Kilner conceived the idea that the human aura might be made visible if viewed through a suitable substance, and he experimented with dicyanin, a remarkable coal-tar dye.

The dicyanin screen was a solution of coal tar dye between two hermetically sealed pieces of glass. Looking through it in daylight and then turning the eye on naked man in dim light before a dark back ground, three distinct radiations, all lying in the ultra violet end of the spectrum became visible. The first was dark and colourless, it surrounded the body to the depth of a quarter to half an inch. The second, inner aura extended three inches beyond, the third outer aura, fell little short of a foot in depth.

The subject of aura is a complex one.

Kilner concluded that the higher brain centres are intimately concerned in the output of ‘auric’ force.Dr Annie Besant stated that in our daily life we think and thus create thought forms. These thought forms remain in the aura or magnetic atmosphere of the thinker, and as time goes on their increased number acts on him with ever-gathering force, repetition of thoughts and of types of thought adding to their intensity day by day, with cumulative energy; until certain kind of thought forms so dominate his mental life that the man rather answers to their impulse than decides anew, and what we call a habit, the outer reflection of this stored-up force is set up. Thus ‘character’ is built, and if we are intimately acquainted with any one of mature character, we are able to predicate with tolerable certainty his action in any set of circumstances.”

By studying aura one can tell the characteristics of the personality; the diseases of the person etc.If we cultivate positive thinking with abundant love towards humanity the aura will reflect it. The colour of the aura will become red if one entertains negative and violent thoughts continuously.Hence if we train our mind properly our aura will become bright and divine.


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