Meditation benefits


Meditation is defined, scientifically, as a class of technique designed to influence an individual’s consciousness through the regulation of attention.

But eastern wisdom defines meditation as a technique to realize one’s own SELF. The benefits of meditation are many. Some of them are given below:

1) Meditation produces a broad range of positive effects with different dependent variables.

2) It is self regulation strategy useful in behavioral medicine

3) It removes anxiety.

4) It develops increased congruence between one’s real and ideal self.

5) It is an integral part of holistic medicine.

6) It eliminates ego.

7) It helps individuals present centered.

8) It is a technique that helps individuals let go of thoughts.

9) It is a health-care tool.

10) Through meditation, extraordinary feats of bodily control could be achieved.

11) Through meditation, voluntary control of the autonomic nervous system is possible.

12) Stress related disorders can be eliminated

13) Expanded vision of human potential could be implemented

14) Ills of fast-paced technological culture could be eliminated.

15) Values of life will be let known.

16) The meditation is the easiest known technique one can learn.

17) The meditation is the easiest known technique one can practice.

18) There is no money involved in practicing meditation.

19) There is no age limit.

20) There is no gender bias.

21) One can practice meditation anywhere.

22) One can practice meditation anytime.

23) There is race, religion, national barriers.

24) There is no status involved.

25) One can improve physically.

26) One can improve mentally.

27) One can improve spiritually.

28) Meditation includes best qualities associated with humanistic tradition.

29) Pleasant and wonderful experiences will occur during meditation.

30) A healthy long life is ensured.

31) Bad dreams will be eliminated.

32) A good night sleep is assured.

33) Physical symptoms of tightening jaws, back and shoulders will not occur at stressful situations.

34) One could always be calm.

35) One could always be serene, pure with a glowing smile.

36) Shyness can be conquered.

In the next article, some more benefits will be listed out.


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