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Every age has its own self- improvement book. First it was Dale Carnegie. His books ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and‘ How to Stop worrying and Start Living’ paved way for many thousands to lead s successful life.

Then came Napoleon Hill. His books ‘Success’and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ sold out thousands of copies around the world and people showed interest in reading them.

Now it is Anthony Robbins.

His book, “Awaken the Giant Within’ suits to the modern needs. Based on the latest scientific findings on Brain andpsychological aspects the new theory called NLP – Neuro Linguistic

Programming shows the way to lead a successful life in the modern competitive world. The book has divided in to four parts, ‘Unleash Your Power, ‘Taking Control – ‘The Master System’, ‘The Seven Days to Shape Your Life’ and ‘A Lesson in Destiny’. Can anyone change his destiny. There are three decisions that control your destiny, points out Anthony Robbins.

1) Your decisions about what to focus on.

2) Your decisions about what things mean to you.

3) Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire.

To achieve your goal either you have to find the way or make one. There are techniques to make the way. First change your belief and personal breakthroughs will begin. Start with the basic belief and reinforce your belief by adding new and more powerful references.By NAC you can change yourself for good. What is NAC. Neuro Associative Conditioning is a step-by- step process that can condition your nervous system to associate pleasure to those things you want to continuously move toward and pain to those things you need to avoid in order to succeed consistently in your life without constant effort or willpower.

There are ten emotions of power. Love and warmth, Appreciation and gratitude, Curiosity, Excitement and passion, Determination, Flexibility, Confidence, Cheerfulness, Vitality and Contribution are to be planted daily.After elaborating these vital points the author gives a Seven Days Programme to shape our life. Take control of your conscience emotions,After learning to condition your nervous system you have to condition your metabolism. Then comes relationships. Success is meaningful if only you could share it with someone you love. Then comes Finance.

Take control of your financial future. Then comes Code of conduct.Create your code and do not compromise it. Then learn to use your time to your advantage. Have some rest and play. Even God took one day off! This seven day programme, if carried out successfully, we can repeat it to ensure success.One woman who was suffering from the fear about snakes took treatment for seven years and yet not cured. Anthony Robbins took it as a challenge in fifteen minutes time he cured her! Such is the power of NLP.

Beautiful quotations are splashed out throughout the book. A number of anecdotes and real life incidents have been given in every chapter to inspire the reader.An investment should yield. Yield for good. The investment on this book will surely yield. Not necessarily proportionately but multi times. Change your life through your own brain and your own programming.This book will show you how! Good Luck.

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