Stop smoking


There’s no denying exercise is good for your body and helps you stay strong and healthy. If you’re a smoker though, you might not get the full benefits of working out.

Working out is the way to keep your heart healthy, your body lean, and your spirits up. Exercise can be the secret to longevity along with a healthy diet.

Endurance and Cardio Abilities
Smoking really affects all aspects of your day to day routine. It can reduce your endurance. When you smoke the ability to tell how hard an exercise is and how much you can take. When you smoke and exercise, it puts a strain on the heart and it gets less oxygen. This puts some carbon monoxide into your heart and increases the stress on it which can lead to a heart attack. It’s really hard to run and keep it up when you have to double over to cough every few minutes. The carbon monoxide actually attaches itself to the haemoglobin in your red blood cells and moves throughout your whole body. This makes it really hard for oxygen to be released from your blood cells in the body where you need it.

Gaining Muscle and Breathing
If you’re a smoker and you are exercising, you might find it harder to breath. This is because smoking puts tar and carcinogens into your lungs and makes it hard to do anything athletic. Smoking also decreases your lung’s capacity. This doesn’t help when you need to breath. Smoking and the carbon monoxide that it puts into your body can make it where your body doesn’t gain muscle. The repair that your muscles need is slowed down by smoking and your body doesn’t build new muscles so you don’t gain anything form working out. Smoking can also narrow your arteries and this makes it difficult for it to get the blood your heart and other organs as well as your muscles need. A network of blood vessels is very
important to a healthy body and nicotine is not good for it.

The Benefits of Quitting
The benefits of quitting smoking are vast. You not only give your lungs and heart a break you can start to heal your body and get back to healthy again. Running and doing any type of cardio becomes a lot easier when you can breathe better. Once you put down the smokes, you’ll find you can push yourself harder, go further, and do more to work on your fitness than ever before. Even if you’ve been a smoker for a long time, it isn’t too late to stop. You can still start to heal your body and get back into a great fitness routine. Work out after you quit smoking and you will see the difference in the way you feel and the length of time you can work out. It truly is a life changing decision and it’s one that’s good for you. Putting down the cigarettes is the best thing you can do for your body.

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