Success and Failure


The difference between Success and Failure is determined by just one MAGIC WORD! Yes, just by one word! What is that?

Walter Chrysler, when asked to give the secret of success, listed the various qualities, such as ability, capacity, energy, but added that the real secret was enthusiasm.

“Yes, more than enthusiasm,” said Chrysler, “I would say excitement; I like to see men get excited.”In the great epic Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki is giving an interesting picture.When Hanuman, the monkey God was not able to trace out the location of Sita, He was very much distressed.

He lamented, “How could I meet my colleagues at the other end of the ocean without finding out Sita!”As He is the embodiment of Success, He immediately found out the required quality and uttered two verses (12th chapter verses 10 and 11).In Sundara Kandam, the best part of Ramayana, He says, “Enthusiasm is the cause for getting wealth; enthusiasm is the greatest comfort; Enthusiasm makes one to do his best always, in all matters. Enthusiasm makes human effort fruitful. Hence I am going to do my best induced by enthusiasm.” Needless to say, Hanuman found Sita in Asokavanam. This is the turning point in the great epic. Rama went to Lanka and killed Ravana. Norman Vincent Peale has written a book titled, “Enthusiasm Makes the Difference”.

He points out that

Enthusiasm never runs down

Enthusiasm cancels fear and worry

Enthusiasm reduces stress and tension

Enthusiasm works miracles in problems

Enthusiasm is a powerful motivation which makes things happen

Enthusiasm builds power under your difficulties

Enthusiasm makes the difference- it leads everybody from failure to success.

The word enthusiasm from the Greek entheos means ‘God in you’ or ‘full of God’. In other words enthusiasm is a “Godly Quality”.

Emerson wrote: ”Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” God helps to those who work with great enthusiasm. So instead of blaming others or the environment, we have to work hard enthusiastically aiming at our goal.

This one word will definitely take us to success from failure!


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