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An introduction to Muscle types and how they work. Thinking of heading to the gym this week; like a lot of people your aim may be to become stronger or to bulk up your muscle mass.

When working with weights men will become muscularly easily whilst woman wont gain a large amount of muscle.But have you ever thought about how muscles actually grow. In this article we will look into the science of muscle growth.

The human body has an intricate system of some 650 muscles which keep your blood pumping, your body fit and your internal organs working as they should. Muscles make up about half of your body weight. The body has three main types of muscles; there are cardiac muscles, which operate your heart. These are involuntary muscles which keep your heart beating at the appropriate speed. Skeletal muscle which covers the rest of the body and have many functions relating to movement such as maintaining posture, generating heat in the body and stabilizing joints. There’s also Smooth muscles which are found in the walls of hollow organs such as the stomach.

so how exactly do muscles grow?

When people think about muscles they are most commonly thinking about skeletal muscles as these are the muscles that we can work at the gym to help us become stronger.Muscle growth takes place after you work out during a process where muscle fibres are fused together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. Your body repairs and replaces damaged muscle fibres, this process takes place after exercise while you rest, rather then when you are actually lifting weights.

Natural muscle growth occurs when the muscles are put under greater stress then they have been under before; this contributes directly to the growth of myofibrils (muscle cells) Thus over time muscle will begin to grow when you progressively lift more and more weight. The best way to build up muscle is to start lifting smaller weights and increase them gradually over time, rather then starting off large to begin with. Adding additional tension to a muscle will spur on it’s growth.Muscle damage will also result in muscle growth, although over doing it at the gym is not a great way to build muscle. When muscles are damaged the body will release inflammatory molecules and immune system cells which will stimulate the muscle growth. When this happens your body will feel sore or ache.

Muscles need rest to grow, so take regular breaks and don’t over do it. If your body’s not provided with enough rest and nutrition then you can actually reverse the muscle growth process. An adequate source of protein is needed to build muscles and essential amino acids are particularly important. Carbohydrates are also needed by the body to help with the process of rebuilding broken muscle tissue.The amount of muscle growth will also be determined by factors such as hormones, gender, age and genetics. As men have more testosterone then woman they have stronger and bigger bodies.

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