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Each and every thought of ours is producing a definite form. Has it been proved?

The famous American, Ted Serios had produced ‘thoughtograph’ as they are called since 1955 and had undergone dozens of investigations including one by the magazine, Life.

Ted Serios’s thought pictures were photographed according to the issue dated 30-10-67 of Life. He became the subject of the book, ‘The World of Ted Serios’ written by a reputable Denver psychiatrist named Dr. Jule Eisenbud. The book interprets 80 thoughtographs made by Serios and reports on the years of exhaustive testing. To reduce

the chances of trickery, Eisenbud requested him to turn out pictures while stripped nude, and even with an encephalograph wired to his scalp. He was also asked to produce pictures both inside a shielded metal chamber and through heavy panes of lead-impregnated glass- and he did.Dozens of scientific experts called in by Eisunbud to witness his feverish sessions and they confessed that they were baffled. Hindus are conversant with the idea of thought form and they have a deity by name Chitragupta who is keeping an account of each and everybody’s thoughts and the forms produced by them!

Yoga Vasistha is one of the greatest expositions of the subtle principles of Yoga. The Scripture analyses various aspects of mind, thought, consciousness etc. It categorically declares that,” Our actions and achievements are in accordance with the thought and having enjoyed the fruits of our action we get bound to them. The thought that one entertains repeatedly issues forth in the branches of impulses and actions”.Positive thoughts produces positive results and negative thought produces negative results. In their famous book, “Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain,’ Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroder explain the various scientific experiments carried out in Russia with Yuri Kamensky, a biophysicist.Four important points are worth mentioning.

1) “In one particularly good series , the versatile Kamensky gave up his role as sender to the student Alex Monin. Kamensky himself received. Short, mean bursts of emotion came from Monin.He concentrated on the anxiety of suffocation. He imagined a racking attack of asthma, then a chocking fit. Monin sent each feeling blast nine times. In isolation, Kamensky felt and became consciously aware of the particular emotions in 80 percent of the trials.

2) Karl Nikolaiev , Kamensky’s partner said, “There is one kind of test really I hate- the tests with negative emotions. They sometime make me sick for hours”

3) “Negative emotions have a bleak effect on your physiology as well as your psychology. Cheerful, “positive thinking” helps the body itself recoup. Drs.Pavlova, Sergeyev, and Naumov uncovered impressive data on the powers of thought. It seems you don’t even have to boil of your own nasty thoughts. Some one else can cook them up and send them to you.

4) Untelepathically, the Soviets already knew that thought could reach right down to your blood cells. In 1956, Drs. S. Serov and A Troskin of Sverdlovsk demonstrated that the number of white blood cells rose

by fifteen hundred after they suggested positive emotion to patients. After impressing negative emotion, the white cells decreased by sixteen hundred. White blood cells, or leukocytes, are one of the body’s main defenses against disease.

Charles Gilbert Davis in his book,

‘The Philosophy of Life’ says: “It is absolutely true that every thought we think has its corresponding effect on the whole or some part of human anatomy. Much has been said or written on this subject, yet from my observation as a physician I must say that I am astounded that it has not received a deeper consideration. Not a day passes that I do not see wonderful illustrations of this fact: that the mind can both create and cure disease”.

From all of the above facts, one can easily understand that thoughts are seeds. If we could sow positive, helpful thoughts, we could reap corresponding benefits. Hence think positively to get whatever you want!

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