Think positively


Why we should all have a positive outlook: Positive thinking is an emotional, physical and menial way in which to live.

When we have negative thoughts and feelings, and use negative words, the mind becomes negative and in turn we become unhappy and disillusioned.

This is the rocky road to failure and disappointment.

So why should we all be positive?

A positive daily outlook on life make us feel better about ourselves. It helps us gain more energy, to have more successes in life and as an additional bonus, our positivity radiates to influence those around us. Positivity really is the key to health and happiness.

So what are the major benefits of a positive lifestyle?

Improved health is a major benefit of inviting positivity into our lives. Wellbeing is improved, we feel better about ourselves and this is shown in the way in which we carry ourselves and the way in which we talk and respond to others around us. It affects us in a beneficial way.

Positive thinking is also contagious. Although this happens on a purely subconscious level, when we surround ourselves with positive people, we in turn feel positive. Therefore having a positive outlook helps to attract the right type of people, with more offers of help and encouragement. In essence being positive makes you a more popular person.

What is the key to a positive life?

There are a few things that we can all do to invite positivity into our lives. Firstly, we have to understand that happiness is a life choice. We have a right to be happy, and we are in control of this. Once we undemand this concept, we are then able to become positive people. We also need to get rid of the negativity in our lives, and that means attitudes and people. Finally, we also need to find positivity in the every day things that we do.

How we can achieve positivity each day?

Each day try and do the following activities. By doing them every day, they should become part of your routine and will feel more natural and spontaneous as time goes on.

Self-affirmation is were you tell yourself out loud all of your positive qualities. Such as, “I am a strong person and can do this.” ” Today is a good day and good things are going to happen.”

Keep a notebook handy and write down every day your positive traits and qualities. You can add to this and reaffirm daily all that is good about yourself.

Try and meditate. Mindfulness has been proven to effectively reduce stress which in turn increases positivity. Even five minutes of focussed meditation each day can help improve wellbeing and positivity.

Write down your goals. They don’t need to be anything earth shattering, but need to be important to you. Then each day you can reaffirm what those goals are and strive for them.

We should all have a positive outlook on life. It is good for our health and wellbeing, and is beneficial for those that we love.

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